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Tools to Make Smart Machine Owners, Smarter

DecisiveCost is a suite of revolutionary computer programs that gives an owner of machinery or trucks information that was never before available on the cost, use and condition, of his machinery. This information allows the owner to reduce machinery cost. The underlying principal of DecisiveCost is the principle “You cannot manage that which you cannot count or measure.”

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DrillBoss Drill Rig Manager provides Drill Crews and Project Managers with the tools to Communicate, Schedule, Track, Record, Cost, Invoice all drilling and related activities. Includes Core Drilling, Reverse Circulation, Blasting. and other drilling types.

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DecisiveCost for Heavy Equipment calculates the precise Owning and Operating cost per hour of each piece heavy equipment in your fleet. From a small skid steer loader to a large hydraulic excavator, DecisiveCost will help you determine the owning and operating cost of your machine.

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The Fuel and Utilization Suite of tools and reports give the owner unparalleled vision into how well he is using his valuable machine assets and suggest ways to improve. It not unusual for owners to discover ways to increase utilization and hundreds of thousands of dollars of other wise lost money with these tools
DecisiveCost for Trucks is the first tool in the world to calculate true trip costs. Each trip your trucks make cost you a different cost per mile. This tool permits you to know in advance how much a trip will cost. Calculates your trip cost in; cost per mile, cost per ton, cost per kilo, cost per cubic yard, or cost per hour.

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Do you really know what it costs you per hour, for your machines to do a particular job such as removing tree stumps or excavating rippable rock? We make knowing the actual cost of using machines fast, easy and accurate. Add an additional 3% to your bottom line!

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